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Exhibitor Inquiries.


All work must be original in design, form, and concept.  It must be handcrafted and/or artistically created by the exhibitor. The following items will not be considered original by the jury:  manufactured clothing, craft kits, flea market items,  plastic or Styrofoam products,  green ware,  pre-molded ceramics, or factory-made unfinished furniture.


The Church of the Holy Cross reserves the right to be the major food vendor and to sell all baked goods, jams and jellies.


In order to include more variety of crafts offered at the Valle Country Fair, ALL EXHIBITORS will be juried.

We ask each applicant to read the details of the process by clicking on this link to the Exhibitor Application.  Applications, along with a $25 application fee, should be received by March 10th. Works will be juried in April and you will be notified of the status of your application by April 22nd.  Upon notification of acceptance please submit the $50 registration fee.  All fees are non-refundable.  Additional information will be sent to you in September.  


A Tithe of 10% of Gross Sales (including orders taken during the Fair for future sales) is expected to be turned in by each exhibitor by 5:30 PM on Fair Day.  All exhibitor tithes support the mission of our Fair which is to help residents in need in our area.


With your application, please submit 3 or 4 good quality  4”x 6” photos (no slides) of your work showing its design, skill, and originality.  Please print your name on the back of the photo along with the price range of items.  Photos will not be returned.  Our judges are mostly interested in quality craftsmanship in order to maintain our Fair’s reputation. 


If  two people share a booth, each must fill out an application and pay all fees separately, including the tithe. Each exhibitor must provide all materials for his/her own display. Booth space is approximately 12’x12.’ There are NO DOUBLE SPACES, and we are unable to promise specific booth assignments in advance.


All booths are outdoors, and there is no rain date. IF YOU USE A TENT/CANOPY, IT MUST BE FIRE RETARDANT. “FIRE RETARDANT” must be stated on the tent or you must have papers or the box label certifying that it is fire retardant. Also you are required to have a FIRE EXTINGUISHER inside your tent.  It is very important to have your tent  tightly secured / weighted in case of strong winds.


Please be aware that only trained service animals are allowed at our Fair.


Thank you for your cooperation and attention to the above. Because of you, we are able to contribute to local charities and families in need. All monies are given locally and received gratefully.


            -- The Valle Country Fair Craft Committee


Click to Download a printable version of the Exhibitor Application

To request an application by mail, call Suzie at 828-264-0685.


 Mail application between Jan. 1 and Feb. 20 with $25 Application Fee To:

Craft Committee, Valle Country Fair, P. O. Box 543, Valle Crucis, NC 28691

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